A political action committee refers to an organization that campaigns for a particular political candidate. A Political Action Committee may also campaign against certain political candidates whom they consider unsuitable for political offices as well as the fight for implementation of certain government policies and Legislations.

Most Political Action Committees are founded purposely for raising money to support political aspirants who they consider having desirable qualities and manifestos to lead the country or state.The history of Political Action Committees dates back to 1944 when the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) established the first Political Action Committee with an aim to raise money for re-election of President Roosevelt.Politicianspoint out the committee Americans for Prosperity as one of the most active.

Americans for Prosperity is a political advocacy group that was founded by Dick Armey, David Koch, and Charles Koch in 2004. The headquarter of Americans for Prosperity is located in Arlington, Virginia. The major goal of Americans for Prosperity is to educate Americans about issues relating to economic policies of the federal and state governments, as well as mobilization of citizens to advocate for development and implementation of sound public policies.

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Funding. Americans for Prosperity is funded mainly through donations from well-wishers. According to Americans for Prosperity, more than one hundred thousand people from various states across America gave their donations either directly to Americans For Prosperity or through its sister organization, Americans for Prosperity Foundation. It is estimated that the total budget for Americans for Prosperity during the 2010 fiscal year amounted to forty two million U.S. dollars.

Support for Political Candidates. Americans for Prosperity mainly supports political candidates from the Republican Party, for instance, reports from the organization indicate that, in early 2011, it provided full sponsorship for a debate between presidential candidates from the Republican Party.According to Ruby (2011), five Republican members also joined the House Energy and Commerce Committee through the sole support from Americans for Prosperity.

Evaluation of the Influential Ability of Americans for Prosperity. In my opinion, Americans for Prosperity is the most influential and powerful Political Action Committee in America. For example, in 2010, Americans for Prosperity significantly contributed towards the election of House of Representatives. Similarly, Americans for Prosperity collaborated with Sarah Palin to organize street demonstrations against the budget of Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, in 2011. Americans for Prosperity successfully managed to fight for various reforms in the budget of Wisconsin state such as a reduction in benefits entitled to public sector unions.Moreover, Americans for Prosperity has also announced its intentions for active participation in protests against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

In 2009, Americans for Prosperity strongly opposed the plans of the federal government to take over the healthcare system in the U.S. The organization also sponsored more than two hundred and fifty rallies that aimed at creating awareness about various reforms needed in the healthcare sector.

Americans for Prosperity has had great impacts on the American political and electoral system as well as changing lives of numerous Americans through advocating for efficient public policies and processes.

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