Computer-Based Service Management Systems

Service management is a critical and an integral part of operation in the Great Arctic North University community. As a busy learning institution, the university prides itself on the adoption of modern communication system.This include the use of internet among other forms of communication systems. Marks, (1999) illustrate that, “Efficient running of the internet requires an elaborate and competent server management”.

In this regard, several server management tools, software and technical expertise are needed to ensure effective servers management and good service delivery “Server management is one of the most important tasks which not only require the technical expertise but also the dedication” (Held, 2000). Effective operation of all systems in the institution connected to the server requires daily management. This is because the running of the server must be checked to ensure that nothing stops the running of all the system. In this regard, after the installation of new systems in the server, the first thing one will do is to make sure that the systems are running effectively as required. This management of the server will require remote assistance. Remote assistance will facilitate quick assistance to all users in the institution which in turn enhance effective server management in the institution.

To quickly show the processor usage on the server, one can use SQL Hook – SQL Monitoring Made Easy. This tool shows and has access to the condition and status of any SQL server instance on the network. It also provide an information of back up time and size, session information, server event logs and detailed information of each data base within the instance. Towards this, one will use the tool to show manager processor usage information on the server.

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The duration with which CPU stays beyond a set threshold is critical in the functionality of a service. When one uses Exchange server, duration option under which a CPU works can be set. One only needs to enter the number of minutes CPU should work at prior to effecting an action. The values are entered as percentages depending on preference; in this case the threshold value is to stay at 60% after server in installed. To set the threshold, click on the OK and take the action needed. One has to configure a process that follows when warning has to be conveyed. Configuration of Exchange server response is done at the organizational level. “To configure Exchange Server’s response, navigate through the Exchange System Manager to your organization | Tools | Monitoring and Status | Notifications. Right click on the Notifications container and select New | E-Mail Notification commands from the resulting shortcut menu,” (Posey, 2005). From this point, it will now be possible to view property sheet from which the creation of e-mail notifications is possible. A part from the mentioned process, it is also possible to monitor threshold percentages via using Window’s Performance Monitor. The former technique is however preferred because it is integrated in Exchange.

If we consider an Exchange Server 2003 version, it utilizes more than one service, components and varied communication channels. The major determinants of the functions of Exchange server is the number of customers it serves and the role that it plays. These two factors are responsible for gauging which services are needed and which ones are not in the in the front-end and back-end. The positive thing about Exchange server is that unnecessary services can be done away with. “The security of your Exchange Server 2003 system is enhanced when you disable unnecessary services on your Exchange server. Port attacks can no longer be preformed on the ports of disabled services,” (Tech Community). The main factors to consider when disabling Exchange server services are: ascertain whether there are other services that rely on the running of Exchange server and finding out whether there are processes or components using the Exchange server services.

In conclusion; therefore, it is evident that management of operations at can be achieved if all considerations are taken into account. It is crucial to know the OS in use before an enhancement is made. This is because some processes can be directly affected by installation of new programs since they could be dependent on a disabled program.

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