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The social law system is meant to acknowledge the citizens about the rules and regulations which apply to them, and which the judges who convict the victims should use. It is made available to the citizens in some kind of written documents or through the verbal means by the qualified persons. The set laws to be followed impose some advantages and disadvantages to the persons concerned. Different laws are applicable in different countries, depending on its citizens and the body making the laws.

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Afghanistan is one of the countries which relied much on its traditional rules which were full of injustices especially to women who were considered as persons with no rights. Slavery was practiced, corruption, racism, and high levels of illiteracy among others (Erika & Harry, 2001). The socialist Amanullah Khan came to change some of these injustices. Below are some of the pros and cons of the socialist law system in Afghanistan.

The socialist system of law made Afghanistan to become independent and delivered it from the rulings of the United Kingdom. Amanullah Khan achieved this during the period when the relationship between the United Kingdom and Afghanistan was strained, when Russia had gone for its communist revolution. He used this popularity to completely modernize the country. He managed this by aiding construction of cosmopolitan schools for both male and female who were interested. Through this, he managed to outdo the old traditions which were very strict on dressing mode of women. By means of rules and regulations, he managed to expand the economic growth whereby he enlarged the trade with Europe and Asia. He led the nation towards the achievement of advanced constitution which ruled for exercise of equal rights and ensured freedom for individuals.

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Rules governing marriage were well established to control forced marriages and child marriages which were commonly practiced. Further, his wife contributed much to empower the policies regarding women; she insisted on enhancement of the women rights. The country became modernized rapidly (Erika & Harry, 2001). Unfortunately, there were criticisms behind this and a rebellion group came up claiming the country was becoming westernized. The socialist introduced western dresses for women discouraged putting on the veils and seclusion for women. In some parts of Afghanistan, this was also criticized as a way of increasing the level of immorality in the country.

The socialist acquired the power through the army. However, his ruling discouraged many when he reduced the salary of the army, reduced their size and changed completely the way through which they were recruited. Economically, he restructured the whole tax structure, made anticorruption campaigns and above all ensured all the livestock were counted to facilitate a perfect tax system. The banking system was also improved when he initiated introduction of a new unit of currency. He abolished slavery and eliminated the idea of forced labor. This was managed by offering some formal education to the adults and nomads as well (Erika & Harry, 2001).


In conclusion, the socialist law system in Afghanistan was more of advantages than disadvantages as it removed the country from a deep bondage of old traditions. This enabled the country to have a legislative assembly and a court system to ensure that justice is applicable to every citizen of Afghanistan. Before the socialist law, the citizens knew nothing about their rights and application of justice in their lives. There was a great transformation from a traditional based country to a modernized nation. However, the modernization was not welcomed by every one in Afghanistan as it resulted to some tribes rebelling and as a result, the rebellion caused him the throne.


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