Personal Views about Abortion

Since the start of existence of human beings on planet earth, they have been revolutionizing in the way of living and spending their lives. These revolutionary alterations initiated to build a base of society; since then, it has provided us with a lot of betterments. People have learnt about respecting other people’s believes and cultures as well. Despite all these revolutionary changes in socialism and the development of a better society, people have always been found quarreling over the issue on unborn children and abortion. It is one of the most debated issues of the society; there are thousands of reasons to practice this thing, but there is not even a single considerable argument to support abortion. That is why I detest abortion and protest against it as it encourages nothing but selfishness and foolishness.

Different societies have given various sorts of explanations to support abortion. The women of Asian backward cultures have been forced to abort their female children as it is not considered good to have a baby girl in the house as it brings more responsibilities on the family. On the other hand, women of western culture practice the sin of abortion just to get rid of their unwanted children as they think that they are not ready to have a child. According to the statistical report of United States Department of Health and Human Services, more than 70% recorded abortions are performed on unmarried women. These women do not want to bring their children in the world as they are afraid of their families or having complicated relationships. Now, these are the reasons that can be avoided to decrease the number of cases of abortion. People are supposed to be taught that having a girl would not harm them in any way; on the contrary side, the women getting unintentionally pregnant are supposed to be taught that if they cannot deliver children due to any reason then try to take precautions to avoid any possibility of being pregnant. These two reasons are not justifiable to kill an innocent soul in the mother’s womb.

However there are people who support abortion due to many reasons. According to them, abortion decreases the forthcoming issue as if a woman or couple does not want to have a child then they can go for abortion as it would not bring the assumed consequences, social and financial issues. There is also one more approach to supporting abortion, which defends the act of abortion by stating that it is better to go for abortion rather than bearing the harsh comments of the entire society. There are many other supporting statements in favor of abortion, but people should also consider the consequences of it as women face a lot of issues afterwards. In most  cases, women experience the hard time while conceiving another child in the future. These complications might ruin the life of any woman in the world.

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Despite all these discussions, there are some valid reasons to support abortion. Medical science has been revolutionized by the technological advancements, but it still lacks in certain emergency cases. If it is about saving the life of the mother or infant then, abortion can be considered, or in case of early prediction of forthcoming disease or other health-related consequences; other than that, it is utterly unjust to have an abortion due to social issues.

Self-determination is an essential factor in abortion; if a person is determined to avoid abortion due to any unethical reason, then nothing can force woman to go for abortion (Reamer, 2013). Same thing can be associated with the code of ethics of National Association of Social Workers, which emphasis on self-determination to decrease the increasing number of abortions each year.


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