Can God and Real Evil Be Reconciled?

The battle between the good and evil has always fascinated people’s minds. Millions of books were written on the clash of the two forces, thousands of movies were shot to disclose the scale and the grandeur of this fight. In fact, many religions include a description of the absolute good and the absolute evil, the […]

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140 Agriculture Essay Topics

Agriculture is the practice of rearing animals and growing crops to provide food or other products. People have been practicing agriculture for thousands of years. Although a few people attach little importance to agriculture, the majority of people attach much importance to it. Even in schools, agriculture is one of the most important subjects, which […]


Social Economics History

Living after the End of History, in which there is “no alternative” to neoliberal capitalism, defending any form of planned economic relations is seen as harmlessly anachronistic at best or outright malevolent at worst. After all, the decay and final implosion of the Eastern Bloc regimes seemed to confirm once and for all the moral […]


Globalisation as a Worldwide Economic Phenomenon

University of Toronto Winter 2018: SOCD25H3 S Advanced Seminar in Economy, Politics, and Society Final Research Paper Topic: Globalization as a worldwide economic phenomenon. Analyzing globalization from economistic, cultural and structural perspective 1. Introduction Globalization is considered a worldwide economic phenomenon. I will analyze this economic phenomenon from three perspectives: economistic, cultural and structural. Our […]


The Advantages Of The Online Recruitment

Answer to question one Recruitment: it is the process for identifying sources from the required human resources can be available and encourage them about the organization. in meaning ‘ recruitment is a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that […]


Analysis of Costco Wholesale Corporation

Introduction Costco Wholesale Corporation is headquartered in Issaquah, Washington. Based on sales volume, it’s the world’s largest warehouse club chain. Its founders are Jeffrey Brotman and Jim Sinegal. Since its size and business model were the same as those of Club price, they merged in the year 1993. It thus changed its name to PriceCostco. […]


A Traumatic Brain

INTRODUCTION At age eighteen, I sustaining a traumatic brain injury which impacted my ability to learn, remember and recall information. I had spent my youth finding the learning process to be easy, had no trouble recalling information, and achieved outstanding grades within school, but now I was faced with failing grades, limited ability to recall […]