Competence Development

To begin with, group work or rather working within a team can prove to be somehow tasking. In this sense, the group or team in which a person is involved can be judged in many ways regarding its effectiveness and performance. So to speak, it is my own experience in a group of my class […]


Business Plan

Grey gold of North Europe will be a franchise of history club, cooking club and real estate Company called Grey gold owned by a group from North Europe. The business is in real estate and food services industry and has successfully established its brand name in North Europe, South Europe, Spain, France and ready to […]


Current Economic Performance

This paper focuses on the present economic performance and competitiveness of Costa Rica as a country. The changes that the country has registered in its economy will be reviewed with reference to the GDP per capita and the GDP growth rate, inflation, and the unemployment levels in the country added to the social effects of […]


Computer-Based Service Management Systems

Service management is a critical and an integral part of operation in the Great Arctic North University community. As a busy learning institution, the university prides itself on the adoption of modern communication system.This include the use of internet among other forms of communication systems. Marks, (1999) illustrate that, “Efficient running of the internet requires […]


Teaching Ethics

Following several patterns of research in the field of social science done during earlier times, it was found that research was done in a clearly unethical way. The standards of professional ethics were blatantly violated. It needed professional codes and standards to live up to. The ASA is one such organization that has attempted to […]


Stress Management Training

This Stress Management Training is custom-designed for the need of education professionals and staff of the Saudi Arabia Education Ministry. Beset with various issues and concerns related to their work and profession, having to face the daily grind of educating children and managing classrooms, these education professionals have, for certain periods of time, shown signs […]


Management of Marketing

Muscat bank is a public bank with founders known as Muscat, operating in the finance and insurance sector. This financial institution, with main individuals including Alissa AbdulRazak as the chief executive officer, is headquartered in Muscat, Oman. It offers products such as financial services that in the year 2011 produced revenues of nine hundred and […]


The Narcissistic vs the Compassionate Leaders

In the recent years, companies have been focusing their efforts on modifying their company mission and values to be more employee-focused rather than emphasizing only on profits. This boosts employee morale, satisfaction, and motivation to work harder. Our paper will analyze the exceptions in which prove that employee-driven companies do not always lead to successful […]