Organizational Change Plan

The final stage of the organizational change process is the refreezing stage, where change is reinforced so that it blends neatly into the order of things. Since change means modifying employee or stakeholder behaviors, it is necessary to support employees’ adoption of the change until it becomes completely accepted as part of their work routine. […]


Performance and Management

Civil engineering is among the oldest professions in the world which mostly deals with designing, constructing and routine maintenance of built structures in our environment. Such structures include roads, dams and buildings so as to sustain the already built structures in order to increase their life span. Civil engineering as a profession has a wide […]


Performance Measurement

House of quality is the main design tool in terms of management. It is also known as quality function deployment (QFD). It appeared in 1972 in the department of shipbuilding firm Mitsubishi in Kobe (Japan). Since then it was repeatedly refined by Toyota and its suppliers. House of quality is successfully used in Japanese electronics […]


Political Action Committee

A political action committee refers to an organization that campaigns for a particular political candidate. A Political Action Committee may also campaign against certain political candidates whom they consider unsuitable for political offices as well as the fight for implementation of certain government policies and Legislations. Most Political Action Committees are founded purposely for raising […]


The Minimum Wage

In an attempt to foment equality, growth, and overall development, countries the world over have started instituting minimum wage laws. In principle, a minimum wage may be defined as the lowest legal wage that an employer may pay a worker. Conversely, it may also be defined as the lowest legal wage that a worker can […]


The International Banking

It is a reality that international banking has gained popularity in the recent past. Many people from across the globe are continuously going global in terms of financial transactions. In other words, the single global banking space is almost a reality. The internationalization of banking started in the 1970s, paving the way for the ‘globalization’ […]


Strategic Thinking

Strategy is an organization’s direction and capacity in the long term with employment of an advantage based on its resources in the ever changing environment to fulfill shareholders prospects as was stated by Paul (2010). David (2009) argues that strategy is the most fundamental aspect in business. Over the years, competition has always been an […]


Two-Sided Markets

Two-sided markets are also known as two-sided networks are simply platforms of an economy that have two different user groups that supply one another with network benefits. Two-sided markets can be identified in several industries that share the space with products and services associated with the tradition. Such markets include credit cards that are composed […]


Pricing Strategies

Pricing strategies are the backbone of business performance. Products require a definite and inclusive pricing strategy that ensures adequate profits are earned while customer retention remains high. (Learn Marketing, n.d), defines pricing strategies as methods that various companies use to set prices for products they offer for sale in the market. Product pricing strategies normally […]