There has been ongoing debate on the issue of the fat tax and the government regulations regarding the consumption of unhealthy food. Fat tax is normally placed on the food items which are fattening. Apart from the fact of tax on such food item, it is being also argued that this tax should also be applied on fat or more appropriate to say obese people. The issue of malnutrition is being increasing all over the world and different efforts are being made in order to overcome the problems associated with under and over eating. Fat tax is being encouraged by different people in order to discourage the intake of unhealthy food and avoid the negative implications of the obesity. Different countries have recently imposed fat tax on different fattening food items and beverages. However it is important to mention here that there have been different views on this issue. According to one school of thought fat tax is necessary in order to overcome the increasing obesity all over the world. On the other hand there are people with the idea that this tax is of no use and is only discrimination against the fat people. Hence, the question that ‘Should obese people pay more taxes?’ is still unanswered.

The topic is itself interesting and the debate on it has been growing since past few years. Topic has two folds, one, the amount; tax in debate will insert to the exchequer that is providing support to people to highlight this avenue for government. The other fold of the topic views overall social and societal implication of the tax, its viability and level of acceptability to people. Two school of thoughts mentioned above are the view in broad spectrum and it compels to know what ground realities are under the fact.

Like all other factors that impact society, this tax debate is also under high considerations. There are large number of views on for and against of it. Most interesting argument that negated suggestion was from bioethicist and referred that with such reasoning that are laid behind this tax, one should be asked to pay tax for the having cat at home as well. It further justifies that every year one in 2000 people with cat allergies cost $ 6000 to $24000 and there are 60 million people with cat allergies among 86 million cats in American homes; the side affect of keeping cat at home (Morran). On contrary, people supporting this tax have their own reasons and numbers which are beyond this discrimination logic. Obesity costs US $190 billion per year. It has reduces overall productivity of employees due to issues associated with increasing obesity. To cite an example, an obese man and women takes 5.9 and 9.4 more sick days a year. Similarly it has other costs to employers, insurance companies which raises increased premium etc (Rognlin). There are also people who are in support of the fat tax, already almost 75 percent of American has entered the category and it can only be controlled by curbing this growing menace (Maris).

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Apart from these few references, there is lot more to explore regarding the impact of this tax. For instance, what will be in long term impact of this tax application on business which is seen to receive immediate impact from this tax? It is also worth exploring what is more dominant view of society on it? Further, tax or obesity both is taking cuts on human pockets, though latter also brings pain with it, which loss is acceptable by society in all.

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