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  1. 2.10. Gender Sociology

1.0 Introduction
A number of issues that fall within the category of social science form the foundation of an in-depth and extensive research on any sociology topic. This article provides suggestions into a number of sociology dissertation topics covering ten areas of study under social science.

Contrary to other dissertation topics on our site Journal, we have presented these as suggestions for a topic you could use. That way you could frame the exact topic how you’d like based on the suggestions presented.

2.0 Categories and subsequent list of dissertation titles
2.1 Sociology of religion

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2.1.1. Different genders have dissimilar relations on sexual and gender issues. Analyze the relation flanked by sexual issues and gender based on different religions

2.1.2. Cross religious beliefs in the world vary according to the customs and practices of a country. Provide an assessment into the cross religious values and beliefs with reference to the United Kingdom

2.1.3. Religion and educations are closely linked in modern studies of social science. Investigate the connection between education and religion emphasizing on the two aspects as a social institute

2.1.4. Advancement in technology and increased freedom of the media has created different perceptions on religion. Discuss the role of electronic and print media in the United Kingdom in creating different perceptions concerning different religions

2.1.5. Social change has taken over the world. Discuss this statement with reference to the link between social change and religion

2.1.6. Inter-faith accords are necessary for peaceful coexistence of different religions. With reference to the UK, explore grounds on which of reaching common religious grounds through inter-faith connections

2.1.7 The society’s social structure is rapidly changing in the modern world. Critically analyze the role of religious institutions in the UK and their effect on the social structure of the community

2.1.8 Discuss ways in which social interactions among people with dissimilar religious beliefs have orchestrated religious diffusion

2.1.9 Discuss the significance of religion and its impact on marriages in the modern world

2.1.10 Politics has a close relation with religion. Explore possible ways in which political behavior may be connected to religion with reference to the UK.

2.2. Sociology and education

2.2.1 Social exclusion of young people in schools has changed the structure of the education system. With reference to UK public school, analyze the education structure based on socially excluded people

2.2.2 Discuss the impact of sociological policies on education history after World War II with relevance to the UK

2.2.3 Explore the connection between academic performance and teacher’s motivation level with reference to public schools

2.2.4 Discuss the impact of social assistance and guidance in primary and secondary schools in the UK

2.2.5 Explore the effect of the school background on children’s acuity toward the larger society

2.2.6 With reference to UK’s scholarship policies on higher education, explore the effect of such policies on social stratification on the society

2.2.7 Compare and contrast sociological and economic outcomes of UK’s education curriculum on students

2.2.8 Analyze the educational environment by public UK public schools toward establishing inter-faith affiliations among students

2.2.9 With reference to Marx’s Conflict Theory on education, examine the UK public system and the sociology concept pin the conflict theory

2.2.10 Explore possible avenues through which the UK public school system can reduce the gap in education for marginalized groups

2.3. Cultural sociology

2.3.1 To what extent do foreign cultures brought in by immigrants affect the indigenous values and practices in the UK?

2.3.2 Provide a critical analysis into the aspect if cultural lags in the modern society with reference to the UK

2.3.3 Foreigners can have cultural upsets to places they are unfamiliar. Explore the types and scope of cultural distress that an alien from Asia of Africa may encounter in the UK

2.3.4 Social interactions among cultures are necessary for peaceful co-existence. Discuss the positive and negative facets of social interaction among sub-cultures in the UK

2.3.5 To what extent do you agree that Marx’s Conflict theory applies to societies in the UK?

2.3.6 Provide a critical analysis of the different subcultures existing in the UK. Limit your scope geographically

2.3.7 Examine the historical changes of UK’s popular culture today and 100 years ago

2.3.8 Analyze Marx Webbers rationalism theory and explain its relation to the social structure of the UK society

2.3.9 Critically analyze the changing trends in societal norms in the UK, making comparison UK’s culture decades ago

2.3.10 Examine the shifting fundamentals of counterculture with reference to the UK society

2.4. Comparative Sociology

2.4.1 Compare Japan’s culture as a capitalist state with the UK as a welfare state

2.4.2 Critically analyze the aspects of social inequality drawing comparisons on Communism vs. Capitalism

2.4.3 Examine the facets of determining the social development of an individual under the democratic and totalitarian systems

2.4.4 Compare and contrast the responsibility and impact of religion in shaping social aspects of the Arab and American societies

2.4.5 America and Britain have different education systems. Compare the two systems and their roles in shaping societal norms

2.4.6 Family is the basic unit of any society. Provide a comparative analysis of the family structure in the Arab and British societies

2.4.7 Compare marriage as an institution in the American and Indian societies

2.4.8 Immigration in the UK has diffused its culture. Explain whether the UK has maintained its providing a comparative analysis of various cultures in the modern British society.

2.4.9 Compare the practices and trends in labor markets in Asia and the UK

2.4.10 Focusing your research on Africa and America compare gender issues affecting these two societies and their impact.

2.5. Political Sociology

2.5.1 Examine the trends and dimensions of gender voting in the American and British political systems

2.5.2 Explore the impacts of increased globalization on the political landscape and state politics in the UK

2.5.3 Social issues mainly drive power politics in the America society. Discuss the extent to which this statement is true

2.5.4 Examine the power and influence of minority interests in mainstream UK power politics

2.5.5 Discuss the extent to which British power politics conform to Marx’s views on social class.

2.5.6 Discuss the effects of political power struggles among the society’s elite groups on the social welfare of the people

2.5.7 Critically analyze UK’s state welfare structure and its impact on social aspects and trends

2.5.8 Discuss the extent to which democracy can apply in a capitalist state society

2.5.9 Examine the link between religion and politics as the leading social institutions of the world today

2.5.10 Compare the balanced-legal and charismatic models of leadership in the UK and assess their suitability to the contemporary society

2.6. Economic Sociology

2.6.1 Evaluate capitalism and communism economic models and their effects on the social pecking order

2.6.2 Conduct an analysis into the sociological magnitudes and proportions of consumer spending in the UK

2.6.3 To what extent does the UK economy relate to Marx’s criticism of capitalism?

2.6.4 Explain the social transforms experienced in the UK during economic transition from the Agrarian revolution to the modern informational upheaval

2.6.5 Discuss the extent to which the informal economy can engender internal socio-economic growth in the UK

2.6.6 Provide a critical analysis explaining whether the communist economic model can suit the current UK society

2.6.7 Discuss the social effects of augmented worldwide labor immigration on UK’s society

2.6.8 Examine the effect of the professional (white collar) and manual (blue-collar) jobs on the social divide in the modern British societies

2.6.9 Discuss the family relationships of a contemporary UK household focusing on the intra family relationships and their effect on the society

2.6.10 Explore the negative effects of the recent global financial crisis on the UK economy and its impact on the social stratification of the labor markets.

2.7. Industrial Sociology

2.7.1 Social communication is an essential organizational aspect. Discus the social scope of basic communication within a corporation

2.7.2 Provide a detailed analysis of the social organization of an archetypal extensive corporation in the UK

2.7.3 Creating a balance between management and social requirements is necessary in any organization. Examine ways that managers can create this balance and argue whether the relationship should be based on organizational objectives or social requirements

2.7.4 Explore the connection between employee performance based on productivity and motivation

2.7.5 Trade unions play a critical role in the social well-being of workers. Discuss the shifting trends in the role of trade unions as champions of social well being of UK workers

2.7.6 Technology has necessitated automation of everything including workers. Discuss the effects of automation on the social well being of employees by UK organizations

2.7.7 Discuss the connection between culturally sensitive organizational policies and employee satisfaction and performance

2.7.8 Explore the possible ways through which organizations can handle cultural multiplicity and develop cultural synchronization

2.7.9 Explore the fundamental facets of modern UK industrial societies

2.7.10 Discuss the role of corporate social responsibility in influencing societal values and practices

2.8. Sociology of Criminology

2.8.1 Examine the historical background of social reasons behind the increased street gangs in the UK

2.8.2 Describe the aspect of increased alcohol consumption as a major social reason for augmenting crime in the UK streets

2.8.3 Discuss the social alternatives toward crime prevention arguing whether corporal punishment is the sole option for preventing crime

2.8.4 Criminal activities involving knives have been on the increase. Explain the social reasons behind augmenting knife felony in the UK society

2.8.5 Criminal agencies have been reported to abuse crime reporters. Explore whether there are any indications of cruelty in crime coverage or reporting

2.8.6 Provide an analysis examining whether there is a link between ethnical and gender magnitudes to criminal activities in the UK

2.8.7 Criminal statistics in the UK have been questioned and termed as not reflecting the status quo. Comment on the statistical collection methods of crime and the effect of untrue data on society

2.8.8 Deviance has taken a wider scope in the UK. Discuss the major scope of deviance in the modern UK society

2.8.9 Provide a critical analysis into the British government’s crime prevention and control policies

2.8.10 Explore the scope of Durkheim’s ideology on Anomie and whether the proposal is the major reason for augmenting criminal activities among the youth in the UK

2.9. Marriage and Family Sociology

2.9.1 Discuss the historical perspective of the family as basic societal unit, its structure and size in relation to the UK family

2.9.2 Explore the diversified sub-cultural marriages among various cultures in the UK

2.9.3 Discuss the shifting trends of women empowerment and fertility rates within the scope of marriage with reference to the UK

2.9.4 Explain the significance of child-parent relationships and its effect on family dynamics in modern UK societies

2.9.5 Discuss the impact of familial brutality on the functions and image of the family

2.9.6 Domestic aggressions have increased in recent years. Explain the social issues behind domestic aggression with reference to the UK

2.9.7 Explain the major reason for increasing divorce rates in America and the UK focusing on the social causes

2.9.8 Compare the family relations depicted by a nuclear and extended family focusing on their advantages and disadvantages

2.9.9 Analyze the effect of varying and periodical shifts in social trends on the basic structure of a UK family

2.9.10 Analyze the temperament and scope of UK’s residential trends and patterns and their effects on the societal values and practices

2.10. Gender Sociology

2.10. 1 Examine the changing gender roles, specifically women emancipation and autonomy on the role of women in the society

2.10.2 Media has a pivotal role in shaping gender roles. Discuss the media’s role in determining gender roles in modern societies

2.10.3 Examine the impact of increased participation of women in politics and its effects on their roles in society

2.10.4 Does religion have any role to play in influencing or shaping gender roleDiscuss the validity of this statement with reference to UK political system

2.10.5 Shifting trends in developing countries have equipped women with more bargaining power in the family. Discuss the extent of female bargaining power on the changing roles of women in society

2.10.6 Explore the possible social aspects that determine and influence societal gender relations

2.10.7 Discuss the historical reason behind the exclusion of women from education with reference to their roles

2.10.8 Contrast the roles and functions of the traditional woman with the increased autonomy and freedom of the modern woman focusing on gender equality in modern societies

2.10.9 Examine gender policies in workplaces and discuss the role of such policies in shaping gender quality and eliminating gender discrimination

2.10.10 Discuss the reasons and causes of increased gender discrimination against women in developing countries with specific attention to African countries

3.0 How to structure a sociology dissertation
Title page
Abstract: This includes a precis of the entire dissertation
Table of contents
Introduction: This section introduces the research study and recaps the scope of the study. This section also recaps the objectives and aims of the study, problem statement and the methodology.
Literature review: This section covers an extensive research on previously published and unpublished information pertaining to the study topic. The rationale for including this section is to delve into the weaknesses and strengths of existing research and develop a framework for literature for the study topic. It must include exploratory model on relevant theoretical frameworks and conclude with the research questions that will be answered by the research
Methodology: This section outlines how the study was conducted with subtitles explaining strategies used, philosophical considerations, collection of data and analysis. The sections must also highlight the data reliability and validity, limitations of the research, as well as the ethical concerns.
Results: This section covers the results of the research stressing on raw data collected rather than elucidations and inferences.
Discussion: This section includes detailed discussions of the results drawing inferences from the literature review. The discussion must elucidate each study question while discussing whether the evidence presented support the research hypothesis
Conclusion: This section concludes the research based on discussed material. It may include any shortcomings of existing research and recommendations for future research.
References: Includes a list of material used in the research and must follow the format stated
References: Includes a list of material used in the research and must follow the format stated

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