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The Impact And Opportunities Of Information Technology

The paper “The Impact and Opportunities of Information Technology” is an engrossing example of coursework on information technology. This report presents a detailed discussion on the impact of information technology on different areas of life especially the opportunities and benefits achieved by the business organizations through the implementation of these technologies. In the past few years, the use of information technology has increased to an amazing extent in every walk of life. At present, a wide variety of IT tools and applications are being implemented and used to carry out a number of tasks.

In this scenario, the majority of business organizations and individuals are making the best use of information technology. For instance, the Internet is the most useful application of information technology that has not only modernized the entire world but also supported the implementations of a large number of other technologies. Additionally, the use of the Internet for e-commerce and e-business has not only offered a large number of opportunities to business organizations but also modernized the way people carry out daily tasks especially shopping. In Australia, the use of information technology is always increasing and more and more business organizations and other industries are adopting the internet for their business tasks.

In the same way, another opportunity that IT has offered to businesses comes in the form of information systems. Now business organizations implement different kinds of information systems for carrying out a variety of tasks. There are many kinds of an information system and each kind serves a specific purpose, for instance, a decision support system is used in decision making, and in the same way, a management information system supports the daily tasks of a firm.

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The basic purpose of this report is to discuss how business organizations and individuals are taking the benefits of IT. This report also considers some of the important aspects such as outsourcing and usage ratio in the context of Australia.
The use of IT

Information Systems

According to (Turban et al. , 2005 p. 18), an information system collects, processes, stores, evaluates and distributes information for a particular function. Similar to any other system, an information system consists of inputs (such as instructions and data) and outputs (reports, calculations).

It performs operations on the inputs by using technology like PCs and develops outputs that are delivered to users or to other systems by means of electronic networks (Turban et al. , 2005 p. 18). In addition, “ the term information system can be described technically as a collection of interrelated components that bring together, process, store, and distribute information to carry decision making and control in an organization” Information systems keep and maintain information about important people, places, and things inside the corporation or in the set up surrounding it (Laudon & Laudon, 1999, p. 7; Hoffer et al. , 2007, p. 429).

Also, a management information system is a function or use of an information system that offers for management-oriented reporting. These reports are typically developed or produced on a predetermined schedule and come out in a prearranged structure (Whitten et al. , 2000, p. 47). According to (Whitten et al. , 2000, p. 47), a decision support system (DSS) is an application of an information system that offers the users with decision-oriented information when a decision-making state of affairs appears (Whitten et al. , 2000, p. 47).

Also, a decision-support system (DSS) facilitates the management in the decision making by integrating information, suitable logical models and techniques, and easy to use interface into a single commanding system that facilitates unstructured or semi-structured decision making. In addition, a DSS offers users with an appropriate group of tools, techniques, and facilities for assessing key blocks of data (Whitten et al. , 2000, p. 47; Laudon & Laudon, 1999, p. 468). Furthermore, a DSS is based on the fact that management information systems and transaction processing have previously collected the information required to offer information for unstructured decisions.

The DSS offers the management with facilities to use that information and evaluate it to make a decision. Generally, a DSS offers one or more of the following types of facilities to the management: (Whitten et al. , 2000, p. 47)


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