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The Alignment Of Business And Information Technology

The paper “The Alignment of Business and Information Technology” is an engrossing example of coursework on information technology. The increased demand for integration of business strategies with information technology has increased due to increased market competition in different industries. The alignment of business and information technology is aimed at increasing the performance of the company in the global market (Calder, 2005, p. 37). Additionally, the increased innovation strategies in an organization demand the incorporation of corporate governance in order for the information systems to achieve the desired outcomes. As a result, many organizations implement different innovation strategies in their organizations, which are based on information technology.

Most of these projects are aimed at integrating the business strategy with information technology in order to increase the chances of the company to perform better in the international and local market. According to Bowel et al (2007), information technology alignment, proper governance of the projects is required in order to achieve the desired outcomes (Bowen et al. , 2007, p. 192). This is aimed at allowing the organization to meet its future needs in information technology.

Therefore, the governance of information technology in an organization is crucial in adding value to the company. According to Delgado et al (2012) governance of information technology projects in an organization allows the company to add value to its performance by investing in projects that are viable and proven (Delgado et al. , 2012, p. 5). The management of information technology projects in any organization is governed by the standard which provides guidelines for adoption and implementation of information systems, which conform to the legal requirements of the country as well as the objectives, and goals of the organization.

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This paper focuses on the introduction of standards, which govern information technology projects in an organization in Australia. In introducing the standard, this paper will focus on the relevance of the six principles explained in the standard and evaluate their importance in governing information systems. Background Information on IT Governance
Information systems governance involves the introduction of new techniques and procedures in the organization. These techniques and procedures ensure that the information technology project is in compliance with the strategies and policies of the organization as well as the legal requirements of the information and technology industry.

The governance of information technology in an organization involves the mechanisms and techniques used in decision making and evaluation of information technology projects (Delgado et al. , 2012, p. 3). The information technology governing tools are able to monitor the performance of the IT projects and develop mechanisms for improving the information systems. There are standards that are used in governing the implementation of information systems in an organization. The standards act as guidelines to the management of an organization in making sound decisions regarding the adoption of IT-enabled projects in the business organization, which will increase the performance of the company (Selig, 2008, p.

33). The Scope of the Standard
The governance of information technology projects involves decision making by the board of directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. In most cases, the implementation of these information technology projects is not guided by a certain standard, which results in failures of the projects. This standard provides guidelines to the managers and owners of companies on proper governance of information systems in order to increase the performance of the company (Selig, 2008, p.

23). This is due to the changing responsibilities in the management of information and technology projects in an organization.


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