The paper “ Program Analysis of Petri Chess” is a comprehensive variant of coursework on logic & programming. Chess is one of the most loved game and many people who play chess are believed to be very rational people because the efforts it takes to strategize and move pieces along the board is not accidental; but is as a result of a well-thought procedure that requires strategy, building a hypothesis on the moves and doing the experiment with your built strategy. Perhaps that is why in the movies, this game is used in scenes that want to portray thinking prowess. With the coming of computer and technology, people thought that such physicals games would come to an end, however, as others believed, that lovers of the game refused to let computer ruin this game and decided to take chess to the computer and hence developed a software that enables lovers of chess to still play it in the computer.

And because of the madness of Petri chess, there is a great need to know the efforts that were required to develop this software. As such, the purpose of this study is to analyze this program to estimate its size, look at the functionalities, its relevance to the society, the actors and stakeholders involved and it is my belief that such knowledge would help developers get some insights and also lovers of Petri chess would get a glimpse on the efforts behind this wonderful game. IntroductionAn effort put towards analyzing Petri chess might seem absurd particularly to people who do not understand the importance of system analysis.

And one might believe that there are much more important application programs that need to be analyzed than this topic.

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Perhaps that is why finding literature that comprehensively touches on this topic is very hard to find because program analysts have diverted their attention to other programs. I have particularly been moved by how lovers of the Petri chess scheme when playing and put their concentration as though they were about to discover something that has defeated the best thinkers of the world. That is where I got my inspiration. This is a game that has no age and in one location, I was amazed when I found out that the champion in that town was a six-year-old.

How could a six-year-old engage her brain in such a tough game and beat older people? Well, that is not the reason for this work. This work is important in that it analyzes Petri chess, brings good knowledge to developers, programmers, and also players of chess and those who would like to have a knowledge of playing chess because the work also discusses the moves and the dynamics involved. The work exposes you to the application domains of the system, benefits it has to the environment, gives information on system functionality, the staffing needed to develop the software, the cost involved and in the end gives additional diagrams for a deep understanding of the topic and in the conclusion, I have given insightful recommendations.


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