The Kalashnikov, Ak is a gas operated riffle that was developed in Russia by Mikhail Kalashnikov and has by now sold over a 100 million units since its first production.

1. One of the production method used in producing most of the riffle part is through KB-P-580, which serves to be more reliable than most of the other production method and way more better handling characteristics, this method was used in 1948 in Izhevsk factory. Its magazines is manufactured through curve which are smoothly feed with ammunition, the steel used is quite heavy mixed together with feed-lips which makes it highly resistant to damage in the long run. The barrel and bolt in its production method are milled from steel billet and hard chromed; the receiver is made sheet metal with milled trunnion insert. The stock of the rifle in it is production is simply made out of wood, which is a non-strategic material, over time, AK-47, have been simplified through the use of spot welding, reducing the number of machined parts

2. One production method I would use to produce the riffle is Izhmash production method which produces around 95 units per hour which is an equal amount of over 1 million units per year. The process is rather cheap and cost effective both in the short run and long run.

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3. The manufacturing methods used in mass production in comparison to those used in less developed regions is way very different, in mass production, the methods used are very advanced and fast to produce, new design are being tried and tested so as to improve the future designs while at the same time improve its accuracy and reliability. In less developed region, the manufacturing methods lack the new technology hand in it and thus are faced with the challenge of producing as many numbers as possible. For instance, in Russia the Izhevsk production method is the chief mass manufacture of the riffle, producing in mass numbers and has equally sold over 50 million units since its inception.

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