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Methods Or Approaches Used To Teach Mathematics In Primary Schools

The paper “Methods or Approaches Used to Teach Mathematics in Primary Schools” is an engrossing example of coursework on education. Writers have made comments in relation to the evolution of school mathematics and incessant societal and technological changes. They defined mathematics as the study of blueprints and relationships, a way people think, see and organize nature, a language, an instrument, a structure of art, and as power and social filter. Research points out that mathematical concepts are learned best when the concepts are presented progressively. Teachers are under obligation to provide the conceptual base and experiences that will enable students to understand new and more difficult mathematical ideas.

At the same time, the student’ s prior knowledge is critical in any teaching-learning situation. This proofs the significance of articulating students’ mathematics experiences through lower learning levels and aligning them with their experiences both inside and outside school. It recognizes the fact that the development of a child entails several diverse settings including home, neighborhood, school, and other places. The purpose of this report is to present an overview of methods or approaches used to teach mathematics in primary schools.

It will necessitate the use of real-life examples to demonstrate how children learn mathematics in both geometry and measurement strands. At the strand of space and geometry, the objective is to develop knowledge, skills, and understanding in visualizing space and employing geometrical reasoning. With the measurement strand, the objective is to develop skills and understanding in identifying and quantifying aspects of shapes and objects while applying measurement strategies. Guiding principles and ideas when teaching mathematics
To effectively teach complex mathematical ideas, an educator requires a set of ideas and guiding principles (Zevenbergen, 2004).

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By taking into consideration these principles, a teacher would be able to facilitate and encourage growth among learners. Such kinds of principles ensure that students improve in their learning while teachers become efficient educators. Consideration and adoption of these teaching principles and ideas into teaching mathematics increases the effectiveness of the lesson and ability of a student to access information being taught. Some of these principles which will be discussed in subsequent paragraphs include Understanding students, differentiating instructions, diverse assessment, and continuing education. Understanding learners
It is vital for a Math teacher to understand learner’ s educational needs in addition to their personal outlook and daily experiences.

Students at a primary school level go through different daily experiences which tend to shape their lives. Teachers therefore should develop an understanding of their students and consequently create lessons that build interest and increase motivation. An example is a Math teacher who understands students well would rather provide toys instead of an imaginary story problem that requires higher intelligence (Reys, 2009). Moreover, an educator must have knowledge of the student’ s educational needs.

Learners at a primary school level learn best by utilizing visual aids. Other students are able to understand math content if a teacher makes use of auditory simulations. Through a vivid understanding of students, a teacher can adjust instructions to ensure that individualized needs are met. Differentiated instructions
Even though all students must learn similar concepts, it is not mandatory that they learn them in the same manner. A wise teacher, therefore, offers a multiplicity of educational openings in a class. Mathematics teacher who is effective allocates enough time to students with learning complications before progressing to advance category of learners.

This allows each group a more individualized form of learning. Research specifies that most teachers do not differentiate their learning simply because of the extra effort required. Nonetheless, learning is enhanced by differentiating students according to their mental, psychological and physical abilities.

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