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Issues And Challenges That Information And Communications Technology Professionals Face

The paper “Issues and Challenges That Information and Communications Technology Professionals Face” is an engrossing example of coursework on information technology. This individual report is written to bring out the various issues and challenges that ICT Professionals face in their day to day activities as they practice their career. Through this report, students will get a clear understanding of the issues in the ICT profession as well as identify the current trends in ICT as well as the ever-evolving technology and their impacts on the performance of organizations and institutions. Students will also obtain a sense of responsibility and develop a professional code of ethics. The report will also state the experience of such an ICT professional expert in person and document a detailed analysis of the issues.

We will give a detailed comparison of the literature review finding and the response of the interviewee and see if they conquer at some point and if there are any contradictions in the findings. An ICT professional will be interviewed to give his experiences in his field and the challenges that he faces.

The Interviewee is Ravi Teja, an employee of GE Capital, a financial institution. Ravi started as an IT support, fixing IT issues within the company. He rose ranks and now works as the system administrator, creating and deleting user accounts and maintaining them as well as far as Australia and New Zealand for GE Capital. And since there was a need to evaluate teamwork, this report will seek to explore individual behavior in the team and the collective responsibility and diversity of each member. This report is a collective effort of a team of students that combined the topics of challenges facing ICT professionals, that is cloud computing, cybercrime, authentication, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

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Findings from these topics will, therefore, explain these challenges and how to counter them. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has today taken over as an essential and important factor to consider in every organization. ICT services have significantly contributed to positive increased profits in businesses as well as efficiency. Institutions worldwide have adopted ICT to effectively and conveniently run their day to day activities, keep a record of their information and details, as well as access resources from remote locations away from the institution. Of the many technologies that companies are adopting today, cloud computing is one of the major technologies that is taking the center stage and becoming a vital factor to be considered.


Cloud computing is an improvement to the various existing approaches of technologies to computing. It enhances the collaboration of information resources and applications as well as services, infrastructure, comprised of computers, networks, and storage facilities. Increased amounts of data, as well as levels of connectivity, have made service providers come up with an infrastructure that is larger, dynamic, and flexible.

Therefore, organizations can be able to distribute and replicate their data in servers in remote locations thereby improving resource utilization. Adopting such technology like cloud computing involves a series of factors that could be complex. Security and privacy are important in individual information. By the fact that it is personal data or information, it’s very important that it is secure and only authorized personnel access it when need be.

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