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Education System In The United Kingdom

The paper “Education System in the United Kingdom” is an engrossing example of coursework on education. Education has been part of human society evolving from ancient civilization to formal education in today’ s world. Education has been used to nurture intellects and enable individuals to be self-reliant by being employed based on the skills learned at school. Different countries have a different organized system of education. The UK, comprising of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, has its own education system too. This assignment will talk about the education system in the UK based on public schools, the existing education system in terms of primary secondary and higher education.

Additionally, it will explore the various types of assessments including SATS, GCSE, A-Levels, AS among others (Gillard, 2011). In British understanding, a public school is usually a school that is financed by other bodies apart from the state. The schools are usually historic and associated with prestige. Public schools do not necessarily restrict their admissions. Admissions are regulated naturally by affordability and they usually charge high school fees. This definition is confusing since, in most parts of the world, the definition describes a private school.

Surprisingly, in the British education system, state-funded or government-run schools are called state schools. These schools are called public since they are open to the willing public who are capable of paying for them (Ministry of Education 2003)
Different from other parts of the universe, free education in the UK has its own education system something that makes it unique. The free education system in the UK is compulsory to every child and every child as per the law is required to get educated until they attain the age of 16.

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The Unique aspect is that Education is compulsory but school is not and therefore children are not required to attend school since they could get an education at home (Statham, 1989). Apart from education being compulsory, it’ s also free to children aged between 5 and 16 and it’ s provided by state schools, independents schools as well homeschooling. In this case, 94 percent of pupils in the UK receive free education which is mostly funded by the public while the 6 percent attends self-governing free paying schools or homeschooling (EDUCATION in ENGLAND n. d.)

Education Systems in the UK

The education systems in the four nations are structured independently by each of the governments even though they look more or less the same.

There are two systems governing the UK countries. One system is used by England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, while the other system is used by Scotland Gillard (2011). Traditionally, the education system used by Wales, England, and Northern Ireland emphasizes the depth of education. The other Scotland system puts more stress on the breadth of education.

Under these education systems, the Scottish system involves students sitting a high number of less advanced testing in the examination. The other English system subscribes to just a few but more advanced testing in examinations. Primary education
This education is considered as the basis of all other levels. This occurs in the first years of childhood. In British curricular, this education is attended by children between the ages of 4-7 years. The children stay in school until they complete it and proceed to the secondary level.

The kids remain under the care of a single teacher throughout the period occasionally being assisted by special music and physical education teachers (Russell, 2000).


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