Question 1: Why are adolescent girls at greater risk for depression and adolescent boys at greater risk for suicide?

Almost everybody has a sad feeling, but quite a big deal of sad moods is reactive to negative experiences. Once sad feelings carry on over time and interferes with the way a person functions, he or she might be experiencing a medical depression. Thus, depression refers to a mood that is depressive and which may be transient.
There is increased risk for suicide in adolescent boys following the fact that they tend to operate and get into trouble or they appear to be more irritable. On the other hand, girls are likely to become tearful, display eating, and sleeping changes when they are not happy. These behaviors are likely to be noticed more and elucidate why adolescent girls will be diagnosed with more mood disorders, whereas boys get diagnosed with extra behavioral disorders.

Question 2

During adolescent period, both boys and girls experience changes in their life. it is also hard to control them because they feel that they have grown up. The environment that Zeke was brought up in has good morals and that is why he was well behaved during the elementary school. Another thing to note with adolescent period is that peer pressure and influence is high. After elementary school Zeke develops relationship with a wrong group. As a result he is influenced negatively and gets involved in criminal activates. Therefore, once Zeke withdraws from the wrong group he is likely to shun the newly developed behavior.

Question 3: What factors do adolescent pregnancy and substance abuse have in common with suicide and delinquency?

Adolescent pregnancy and persistent substances abuse have become common in the society and those involved often experience an assortment of problems, for example, academic challenges, problems related to health such as mental health, poor peer relationships, as well as, association with the adolescent justice system. Additionally, there are family members’ consequences, the society, and the whole community. All these factors make such adolescents have a sense of rejection by the society and eventually lead them into committing suicide or even taking part in criminal activates.

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Question 4: During adolescence, did you or your friends engage in any lawbreaking acts?

During the adolescent period, one is likely to get involved in lawbreaking acts as a result of peer influence from friends. This is mostly between the ages of 10 to 18 years. The key motivator is peer influence, a sense of growth and maturity among the adolescent.

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