The Review Of “East Of The River”

Throughout the article “East of the River” written by Susana Raab discusses the inclination of change that has amounted in the District of Colombia. This substantial increase in the district’s population has all to do with the “young affluent transplants” that reside in the heart of the city. Because Anacostia has flourished in such an immense way, the city has been faced with a new and modern community, with the development of new high rise apartment complexes and the first standalone Starbucks that has been incorporated into their community. However not everyone is on board with these contemporary modifications, and there is certainly a struggle against the old versus the new. The History of D. C. is so heavily embedded into the culture of Anacostia that many worry that it is only a matter of time that the past will completely get pushed aside by the new and modern “upscale condos and restaurants” that has made their way into the city.

There has however been a way of keeping the history of Anacostia alive. Wards 7 and 8 continue to host porch gatherings with the neighborhood, devoting time to being activists in their community, and getting involved show a strong present when it comes to the support of local businesses. The problem is not the new and upcoming establishments, the problem is investors dislocating Anacostia’s residents. Kymone Freeman the co-founder of ‘We Act Radio’, directs a private radio station in Anacostia. His station has been used to help bring awareness to the importance of preserving the art, culture, and history that Anacostia once offered. Freeman’s theory is “We need these new developers to be a part of the solution, to help us propose legislation regarding property taxes. ” Communities such as Barry Farm and the Allies Association, battled Washington’s government and won their case for the city to not disturb their residences.

The east side of Washington D. C. ’s neighborhood in the past was predominantly Caucasian. However, they have now become more urbanized and roughly 50% of African Americans reside in Anacostia. Not all change is a bad thing, in fact there has also been a positive response among the citizens of Anacostia. One individual said “As much as some people are worried about being displaced, some people want their property values to rise. ” Moses Ellis a 32-year-old Anacostia native is aware of the violence that occurs in his city, however he says “I hope diversifying the neighborhood will work out. ” Places such as the Martin Luther King Jr bench on 11th street, and the Anacostia River spot, famous for artist to capture its organic beauty, will remain untouched. With all of the city’s new development moving its way into Anacostia, the bridge between the two social statuses may finally be coming to end.

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