The Advantages Of The Online Recruitment

Answer to question one

Recruitment: it is the process for identifying sources from the required human resources can be available and encourage them about the organization. in meaning ‘ recruitment is a process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and to employ effective measures for attracting that manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an efficient working force ‘. ( Yoder , Monday, August 11, 2008) (1)
Online recruitment: it is the process of employ people to the suitable jobs through using the internet, which is the most common form of online recruitment about vacant jobs and organization’s sites. The online recruitment is also known as e-recruitment which is requires internet job boards, applicant tracking systems, online testing and evaluations. (2)
The advantages of the online recruitment : (3)
Reach: using the e-recruitment in order to post for vacant jobs seen by larger number of people rather than posting advertising by print media. E-recruitment leads to more candidates, in turn leads to choose the best person for the job, in meaning of it is an effective technique to differ the applicants in order to choose the right person in the right place.
Speed: on e-recruitment there is a possible of making an interview for a job within a day of advertising online. This advantage helps organization especially in the seasonal time.
Flexibility: posting online give the organization the ability to control over the post about receiving applications, rather than advertising in newspaper is difficult to change it.
Easy: everyone can use e-recruitment ways as a result of being clear, easy to understand and user friendly.
Branding opportunity for employers: as employers can use the online recruitment as advertising for their brands with the company values and image.
Allows for database build-up: this advantage allow the employers to keep attractive CVs to build priority database in order to use it in the future.


Online recruitment has different important benefits for employers , applicants and the organization , for this reason the enterprise has developed a dedicated recruitment brand and website ‘ come life ‘ that allow the enterprise to see the candidates , their CVs and finally to choose the suitable person for the job .

Answer to question two:

Selection: is defined as the process of making interviews and evaluations for applicants for vacant job and selection a person for the job depends on certain criteria. The organization position can determines the employee selection either that a very simple process or a very complicated process. By other words, selection is the process of making a choose applicant among the others, from within the organization who is the most appropriate person for the job. (4)

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The difference among the recruitment and selection process: (5)

Recruitment Selection
Meaning: It is the process of searching for the applicants in order to employ and encourage them to apply for jobs in the organization. It is the stage after recruitment process that contains a certain steps by which the applicants are divided for choosing the most suitable persons for the job.
Purpose: Recruitment has basic goal of making a talent group of applicants to allow selecting the best one for the organization, through encouraging larger number of person to apply in the organization. The main purpose for the selection is to choose the right candidate in the right and suitable job.
nature Recruitment is a positive process in meaning it attracts larger number of persons to apply. Selection is a negative process as it contains refuse of the unsuitable applicants.
Steps: It involves few steps. It involves many steps.


Recruitment and selection are the phases of the employment process, so they are two interrelated functions. For these reasons the enterprise with helping of HR managers using standard documents in order to apply job roles with personal qualities and skills.
On the other hand, the enterprise uses specialist recruitment websites at peaks times over the year in purpose of encouraging larger number of persons, about 50% of its total UK and Ireland workforce is recruited by the website strategy.

Answer to question three:


Good Recruitment and selection process helps in gaining a competitive advantage , in meaning hiring suitable persons in the right job leads to maintain the business performance and improve its quality and finally leads to gain a competitive advantage in the global marketplace , therefore every organization consider recruitment and selection process is one of the factors of organization’s success . There are main different factors that help in distinguishing between applicants like job description and job specification.
Job description: it helps the candidates to understand the job and its task in the organization. By other words job descriptions determine certain responsibilities, draw parameters and provide a relative importance for the job in the organization, job descriptions are separate into the following parts: (6)

  • Job summary.
  • Major responsibilities.
  • Minor duties.
  • Relationships.
  • Qualifications.
  • Compensation.

A job description gives the hand to the candidates to understand the job in the organization and making sure about its requirements and allow time for them to ask questions.
Person specification: (7)
It can be defined as the skills that a job applicant must have for applying the vacant job in the organization. A person specification can involve the educational requirements, training experience and personal qualifications that a person must have. A person specification has the aim of matching the suitable person to the job, which it explain the required personal attributes of the job from the employer, it should describe:

  • Skills on the job.
  • Information about the job.
  • Length of experience for the job.
  • Preferences.
  • Present ability.


In the enterprise the selection process pass by certain steps that show the opportunity for the applicants in order to introduce their skills, these steps as the following;
Applying the CVs of the candidates involving qualities and skills needed for the job.
Secondly the face to face interview with the manager.
Thirdly, there is an interview with the branch manager.
Fourthly selected applicant and evaluation day.
Finally the manager chooses the suitable one for the job.

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