Applying tactics to develop knowledge management strategy

Key Words:
Knowledge Management Strategy, Process, Technology, Data, System, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), DMP (Decision Making Process), Organization.


Knowledge has become a crucial element in the global competitive business environment. Knowledge and wisdom have been valued in society for centuries and transferred through many different social processes. The management of knowledge and the development of knowledge strategies have become priorities for organizations as they have realized how the application of knowledge can be key in adding value and differentiating products and services. In most of the organization the knowledge management strategy is needed in order to make an alignment with the organizations corporate strategy.

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The knowledge management has been influenced by the emergence of decision theory and the use of information technology to enhance information quality and the decision making process (DMP). The importance of decision making for an organization to function its operations effectively depends on how efficiently they are using their knowledge management strategy.

There are many broad ranging interpretations of knowledge management over the fields of information technology, human resources, information systems and information management. An organization developed its knowledge management strategy based upon its business activities and academic discussion of any particular issue.

The start of the knowledge management strategy process will make use of traditional strategy tools as SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and PEST (political, economic, social and technology) analysis to examine the general business environment. Knowledge management in most of the organizations are generally managed under IT, HR, finance or marketing departments.

Problem Statements:

  • How do we use knowledge to increase organizational efficiency and competitiveness?
  • How can ICT support a knowledge management strategy?
  • What are the common barriers to effective knowledge management?


  • To understand the nature of organizational knowledge
  • To asses the value of organizational knowledge
  • To identify key management issues of knowledge management? To select and assess the value of information systems to knowledge management
  • To select and assess the value of information systems to knowledge management

Theoretical Framework:

In this era of globalization knowledge has become an important ingredient in the competitive business environment. The proper utilization and implementation of knowledge management strategy will be an competitive advantage for all the organizations.


The hypothesis of this research is to Identify and develop the right skills for the different roles in knowledge management that will have a strong impact on the success of a knowledge management strategy of any organization.


Basically this research will be done depending upon the secondary data and supposed to get any primary data if possible.


As a post graduate student under Business Studies, it is crucial to do some research on related fields and knowledge management strategy is one of the key factors in modern business world. This research will help us to know how knowledge management works within an organization through different approaches. In order to be successful in the global competitive business environment each and every organization should have to develop its own organizational knowledge management structure.


As knowledge management strategy is the latest factor in the business world so secondary information is not that much available.


Timetable of the submission of this report on the table below:

Papers Date
Research Proposal July 2009
Literature Review August 2009
Final Report September 2009


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