Identifying a need:

In health and social care research is a very important factor in identifying the needs of groups of individuals, whether that research is through medical examination or through simple questioning. For example, medical research would be things such as MRI scans and collecting research through simple questions could be a doctor asking a patient their symptoms. By doing this, they would be identifying the needs of the individuals and be aware of what treatment would be needed. spent 7 million pounds on research showing that over 2.5 million individuals in the UK suffer with type 2 diabetes.

To extend knowledge and understanding:

Sometimes research is done to extend the knowledge and understanding of health and social care sectors. UK researchers of BBB have warned that soluble painkillers could increase health risks of individuals due to the high levels of salt. By this research being carried out it extends knowledge and understanding for health and care providers of the effects on individuals health.

Improving practice:

In health and social care it is important that if it is found by research that any factors of health and care can be improved then it is. Researchers found that children are more vulnerable to radiation, which can increase the odds of them developing cancer later in life and therefore came up the idea for ultrasound scans to be used on children, rather than CT scans where they are exposed to unnecessary radiation. The researchers carried out a trial on 44 children with chronic liver problems, the test was able to accurately diagnose patients. Therefore, this research improved practice and prevents children from being exposed to dangerous rays.

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Allowing progress to be monitored:

It is important that any change is monitored to see the effects of the change, whether it be positive, negative or have no effect what so ever. The NHS put out a stop smoking service for individuals all over the UK; after data being collected it has monitored that the service isn’t making as much progress as it would like to have due to the data collected that showed that the number of people using the NHS in England to stop smoking has fallen for the first time in four years.

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