Samples of Persuasive speech Outline SAMPLE 1 From the time we wake up in the morning to the moment we lay are head down at night, we are constantly making choices. Some take a conscious effort, some should, and some do not. Have you ever taken the time to really stop and think if you’re giving the correct amount of attention to the right choice? I’m here today to ask you to be more conscious of what you eat. I’m going to discuss health reasons, effect of food advertisements, reading food labels, and fad diets. Let’s start off by talking about America’s health crisis. I.

Number one reason to be conscious of your eating habits is to watch out for your health. A. Obesity is the number two cause of preventable death according to the behavioral risk factor surveillance system (CDC, 2010) 1. In 2005-2006 67% Americans 20 years or older were overweight or obese(CDC, 2010). 2. Being overweight or obese leads to increased risk of breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes and many others(Insel, 2006) 3. Can be prevented by monitoring how many calories you eat and how much daily activity you perform. B. In 2007 23. 6 million people had been diagnosed with diabetes (CDC, 2010). . 90-95% of them had type II (mayo clinic, 2009) 2. Diabetes can be prevented by consuming a variety of foods, controlling portions, getting adequate fiber, and 30 minutes of moderate exercise (mayo clinic, 2009) II. Advertisements are affecting our food choices. A. I believe that if we are more aware of what we are seeing and hearing in ads, we can control how food advertisements effect us 1. Media sometimes sensationalizes and over-simplifies nutrition related topics to increase viewers and products sales (Insel, 2006) B. Most ads promote food that is high in calories, fats and sugars (CSPI, 2009). . 90% of commercials on Saturday morning programs are promoting junk food or fast food(CSPI, 2009) 2. Only 2% of all commercials are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains (CSPI, 2009) III. Reading labels is the number one step to being more conscious of your food choices. A. Pay attention to the ingredient 1. The ingredients listed are always in descending order according to the amount by weight used in the product. 2. It is best to choose the food product with the least ingredients and you should know what those ingredients are because these foods are the least processed (Wright). . Best to avoid food that contain dyes because it is the same dyes used in materials (Wright). a. Some common food dyes such as yellow 5 and red 40 have been linked to hyperactivity, impulsivity, learning difficulties, and ADHD in children (CSPI, 2009). b. There are plenty of natural dyes such as beta carotene, beet root red, and paprika that can be used (CSPI, 2009). B. Health claims are not the same as function claims. 1. Health claims are FDA regulated where as function claims are not (Wright). 2.

A health claim simply states that a food is high in a nutrient such as calcium or fiber; function claim states that the food will do something such as burn fat or boost immunity. 3. This means that function claims are not always true because they have not been thoroughly tested. IV. Be aware that fad diets are not the answer to healthy nutrition; only lifestyle changes are. 1. According to the American heart association (2010), fad diets are not nutritionally balanced. a. They mostly focus on one food or nutrient which defeats the number one principle of nutrition: eat a wide variety of food. b.

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It is not possible to get all your nutrients from one food (AHA, 2010). i. Carbohydrates are needed for energy. ii. Protein to needed create hormones such as insulin. iii. Fat needed to keep us warm and protect organs. 2. Diana Wright, registered dietitian, says that fad diets lack exercise, claim unrealistic weight loss, and aren’t based on facts. It’s no mystery that what we eat has an effect on our lives, but yet we still fail to be conscious of what we take in. I think it’s important for all of you to start making better food choices today by being aware of the health risks, ads, fad diet gimmicks, and reading labels.

If we can start new healthy habits now, they may be harder to break down the road. Works Cited American heart association. (2010). Quick weight loss or fad diets. Retrieved from http://www. americanheart. org/presenter. jhtml? identifier=4584 Center for disease control. (2010, March 2). Retrieved from www. cdc. gov Center for science in the public interest. (2009) Retrieved from www. cspinet. org Insel, P. , & Turner, E. , Ross, D. (2006). Discovery Nutrition: second edition. Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Mayo Clinic. (2009, June). Type 2 diabetes. Retrieved from http://www. mayoclinic. om/health/type-2-diabetes/DS00585 SAMPLE 2 Would you like to have less stress and more energy? Would you like to change your body shape or boost your sex life? How about lowering your risk for cancer and heart disease? I’m telling you that you can achieve all of these things plus much more just by moving your body. I’m not going to tell you how to move your body, and even though you’ve heard about it many times before, I am going to reiterate some of the benefits you will receive from exercising regularly because many of you still aren’t active enough. Unfortunately your health may be at risk.

THESIS: No matter what your shape, size or age, having a lifestyle that includes fitness will help you feel better physically, mentally and help prevent disease. OUTLINE: I. Exercise has many psychological and emotional benefits. A. Stress, depression and anxiety levels can be reduced with regular physical activity. B. Persons that exercise regularly tend to be happier, have positive attitudes, and are more productive. (Indian Express) C. Many people have a more positive self-image and increased confidence. D. Boosts your mood. II. Consistent physical activity can help the way your body looks and feels.

A. You can change your body shape by using weights with strength training exercises. B. Muscle tension that can build up is relieved when toning your muscles. C. Your sleep quality is greatly improved. D. Combined with proper nutrition, helps to control weight and prevent obesity which is a risk factor for many diseases. III. Overall health is improved and aids in preventing illness. A. Helps decrease your risk heart disease and stroke by improving cholesterol levels, blood flow and heart function. B. Blood pressure is better managed. C. Prevents bone loss and osteoporosis by promoting bone formation. D.

Exercise is linked to a decrease in the risk of colon cancer, breast tumors, and other malignancies. IV. Top five reasons people don’t exercise. A. They hate exercise. (5) Something enjoyable can always be found. B. They don’t know how to exercise. (4) Many resources available to teach you about exercise. C. They’re too tired to exercise. (3) Exercising regularly will actually increase your energy level. D. They don’t have money. (2) There are many physical activities a person can do and they don’t cost any money. E. They don’t have time to exercise. (1) People have to choose to take the time to exercise.

They only need 30 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week. WORKS CITED: Age and Exercise: Good Habits Form Early, Lyons, Linda, Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing; 11/26/2002, p1, 3p, 3 Graphs Newport, Frank , Source: Book, Gallup Poll Briefing; 11/22/2006, p1-4, 4phttp://ezproxy. fhda. edu:2051/login. aspx? direct=true&db=pwh&AN=23777 509&site=pov-live American Cancer Society, www. cancer. org, “More Evidence That Excercise Reduces Cancer Risk” (2003) (accessed March 15, 2010) “The SurgeonGeneral’s Vision For a Healthy and Fit Nation 2010, www. surgeongeneral. gov U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (accessed March 15, 2010

SAMPLE 3 Show video: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=qpYq9CBZoKQ Thesis: When you choose to drink and drive you not only affect your life but you affect the lives of others around you. Introduction: I will inform you of some statistics involving drunk driving. I will also discuss two indicators of driving under the influence. The punishments that follow after making this decision and what you can do to avoid drinking and driving. When people make the decision to drink and drive they not only affect their life but they affect the lives of others around them. I. Statistics of drunk driving A.

Statistic information collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (posted on the Mothers Against Drunk Driving website) 1. “In 2008, an estimated 11,773 people died in drunk driving crashes involving a driver with an illegal BAC (. 08 or greater). ” (M. A. D. D. ) B. According to californiaavoid. org, the clearing house for DUI statistics for the thirteen cities in Santa Clara county, Santa Clara County had 289 DUI arrests from December 18th through December 24th in 2009. C. These high numbers make me think that drivers today are unaware of how alcohol affects their driving abilities.

II. The two primary indications of driving under the influence are your BAC and an inability to successfully pass field sobriety exercises. A. What is BAC? And how is it calculated? 1. BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Content/concentration. This is the percentage of alcohol in the bloodstream. (dictionary. com) 2. Calculation, use power point. B. How does alcohol affect your ability to pass field sobriety exercises? 1. Officers of the law will conduct many exercises a. Nystagmus (bouncing of pupils) b. Coordination exercises c. Balance exercises 2. “Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely.

The effects can include slower reactions, increased stopping distance, poorer judgment of speed and distance, and reduced field of vision. ” (Blitz) C. Once you have crossed the line with drinking and driving there is no coming back and what lies ahead of you are consequences and punishment. III. What types of consequences and punishments are out there? A. Law enforcement consequences 1. DUI/DWI a. Driving under the influences and driving while intoxicated is the same thing and suffer the same consequences. 2. Suspension of license/ jail time a. Your driving privileges can and most likely will be revoked.

B. Personal punishments 1. Loss of vehicle a. Car could end up totaled b. Car could be impounded c. This type of punishment can and will hurt your pocket. It will cost you a lot of money to replace or fix what is broken. 2. Insurance will increase a. “Anyone that is found to be involved in an auto accident where alcohol was a contributing factor can expect more dire consequences. The person that was drinking and driving will either not be able to get their policy renewed or will pay much greater premiums than before the accident. ” (Odimba) 3. The inability to get hired due to DUI a.

It is safe to assume that job opportunities which require the use of corporation vehicles are no longer open to those individuals convicted of driving under the influence. 4. Injury or Death a. Driving while intoxicated can lead you to injury yourself b. You can also kill someone c. “Alcohol related crashes are the leading cause of death for young Americans, between the ages of 16 and 24 years old. ” (Alcohol Impaired) C. Drinking and driving is not the only option you have, there are services out there that can get you and others home safely. IV. How to avoid drunk driving A. Local Services 1.

Your Designated Driver 877-NO-DUI-SJ a. This service will pick you and your automobile up and take you home. This is not a free service b. Service areas: Campbell, Los Gatos, Santana Row B. Taxi’s C. Designated Drive 1. Before you go out with friends make sure there is a designated driver. 2. Have a plan before you start to drink. 3. Driving home intoxicated is not the answer, be a smart, save your life or another’s life. Conclusion: Raise your hand if your life is important enough to you, not to drink and drive. Keep your hand up if your friend’s life is also important enough to you, not to drink and drive.

I hope the information I have given you has made your knowledge of driving under the influence more clear. Thousands of people our age die every day due to alcohol related accidents. I hope you will use the knowledge of calculating your blood alcohol content that it might keep you from getting behind the wheel. As I discussed there are many consequences and punishments for making the decision to drink and drive. I am telling you drinking and driving is not your only option, there are safer choices you can make that will keep you, another person, family member or friend alive. Don’t drink and drive.

Work Cited: “Alcohol Impaired Driving Statistics”. DUI Statistics: Cause of Death. 14 March 2010 . “Blitz on drink-driving”. Bath Chronicle 30 May 2008: 1-1. Magazine “DUI Statistics: Winter Holiday 2009”. California Avoid. 14 March 2010 . Mothers Against Drunk Driving, M. A. D. D. . “Statistics”. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 14 March 2010 . Odimba, Chimezirim. “How much will my insurance increase after one accident? “. Ezine Articles. 14 March 2010 . SAMPLE 4 Topic: Lottery tickets. Thesis: There are certain beliefs about lottery tickets, which will be proven wrong.

Introduction 1. “Today’s Super Lotto numbers are 7, 12, 21, 43, 46 and Mega number 16,” that based on calottery. com on April 29, 2006. 2. According to the gambling statistics at lotteryinsider. com, nearly 50% of all Americans claim they have bought a state lottery ticket in the past year. 3. People have four common beliefs about the lottery: winning money, changing lives, less to more, one time only. 4. Persuasively, those four beliefs about the lottery are proven wrong. Body I. With the lottery you can win money. A. Yes, you can win moneykey word can. B. But do you know the chances of winning?

C. Statistics show that in the California Lotto, your odds are 1 in 25,827,165. D. The chances of getting struck by lightning are higher than winning the lottery. II. The lottery can change your life. A. True, the lottery changes your lifein more negative ways. B. Based on CNN news, a man who won $57,000 in an Indiana lottery game taped for television died hours later after being hit by a pickup truck. C. Based on Fox news, a wife divorces her husband who won the lottery winner because of financial issues. D. Other problem arises when lottery winners come into contact with a high sum of money.

III. Spending less money to win more money. A. Of course, the lottery cost one dollar for one line, which is less money. B. My mother have brought lottery tickets for 20 years; spending approximately $5 a week. C. Multiply that by 52 weeks equals to $260, which times 20 years equal $5200. D. In the course of the 20 years, the total amount she won is estimated to around $100, which ends up spending more money than winning money. IV. First time players will play one time, which doesn’t matter if they win or lose. A. First time players claim that they will not buy lottery tickets again.

III. Spending less money to win more money. A. Of course, the lottery cost one dollar for one line, which is less money. B. My mother have brought lottery tickets for 20 years; spending approximately $5 a week. C. Multiply that by 52 weeks equals to $260, which times 20 years equal $5200. D. In the course of the 20 years, the total amount she won is estimated to around $100, which ends up spending more money than winning money. IV. First time players will play one time, which doesn’t matter if they win or lose. A. First time players claim that they will not buy lottery tickets again.

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